Department of Environment & Conservation (DEC) Permits

Not all birds can simply be bought from a pet shop, taken home and put in a cage indoors or an aviary out on your back lawn. Some birds require a license or permit from CALM and must be kept under certain housing arrangements, such as double-door aviaries.

Which permits you may require also depends on why you are keeping the birds and how many you have. For example are they just as pets (hobby), or are you intending to become a breeder and sell them for profit?

The two most common types of permit applications are shown below, the Avicultural and Declared Animals licenses. Follow the links below to download a copy of the application form.

Application to keep Restricted Birds:

Restricted front

Restricted back

Application for an Avicultural (Avian) Keeper License:


If you are unsure which license you require or even if you need a license please contact us and one of our friendly staff can advise you further.
If purchasing a bird from us we will tell you if you need a license and help you organize it if you don’t have one.