Having 40+ combined years of experience in all aspects of aviculture, our staff are only too happy to help you with advice relating to selecting, caring, housing and breeding your birds. We keep a large range of Finches, Canaries and Parrots including Australian and foreign species. Please ring the shop on (08) 92503980 to check availability.

Bush, Aviary & Show Budgies including their mutations

Australian Plain head, Border, Bronze, Gloster, German Roller, Green, Lizard, Norwich, Red Factor, Rosa, Variegated, White, Yellow, Yorkshire

Cockatoo’s (*check availability)
Cockatiel (weero), Corella (short and Long Bill), Pink & Grey,  Sulphur Crest, Major Mitchell.


Diamond (including Silver), Peaceful, Talpacoti, Mask, Bar Shoulder, Crested.

Finches – Australian
Black Heart, Crimson, Chestnut, Diamond Firetail, Double Bar (Black & White Rump), Gouldian’s (including mutations), Hecks (including mutations), Painted (Red & Yellow), Parsons, Pictorella, Plumhead, Masked, Star (Red & Yellow), Sydney Waxbill, Yellow Rump, Zebra (Normal & Coloured)

Finches – Foreign
African Fire (including Pink & Pied), Bengalese, Cordon Blue, Cutthroat, Cuban, Goldfinch, Green Singer, Jacarini, Java (including Coloured), Melba, Nuns (Tri, Black & White Head), Orange Breast, Parrot Finch (Blue Face, Red Face, Sea Green), St Helena (including Fawn), Siskin (Red & Yellow),

Grass Parrot
Golden Shoulder, Hooded (Including mutations)

Little, Musk, Rainbow (incuding mutations), Red Collar, Scaley Brest (including Mutations), Purple Crown, Varied

Peachface, Mask, Fischer, Nyassa (and their mutations)

Bourke, Blue wings, Elegant, Scarlet Chested Parrot, Turquoise Parrot (including their respective mutations)

Blue Bonnet (Red Vent, Yellow Vent), Naretha Blue Bonnet,  Mulga, Red Rump- including their mutations

Parrot – Australian
Superb (Barraband), Cloncurry, Crimson Wing, Eastern King, Eclectus, Port Lincoln, Princess Parrot (Green, Blue, Lutino, Lime), Regent (Smoker),  Red Cap, Twenty Eight

Parrot – Exotic
Alexandrine, Indian Ringneck (including mutations), Kakariki, Plumhead, Moustache, Sun Conure and Peach Fronted Conure.

Bleeding Heart, Bronze Wing, Crested, Green Wing, Wonga and most domestic fancy breeds.

Amherst Pheasant, Chukar Partridge, Golden Pheasant, Ringneck Pheasant

Adelaide, Crimson, Eastern, Golden Mantle, Northern, Pale-headed, Western, Yellow (including their relevant mutations)

King (Brown, Cinnamon, Silver), Japanese, Stubble, Black

We also hand rear birds. Please CLICK HERE to go to our Hand Reared Bird Page