Having a lifetime of experience in all aspects of aviculture, our staff are only too happy to help you with advice relating to selecting, caring, housing and breeding your birds. We keep a large range of Finches, Canaries and Parrots including Australian and foreign species. Please ring the shop on (08) 92503980 to check availability.

Bush, Aviary & Show Budgies including their mutations

Common Aviary canaries, Australian Plain head, Fife, Border, Red Factor, Red Bronze, Gloster, German Roller, Lizard, Norwich, Rosa, Variegated, Dilute

Cockatoo’s (*check availability)
Cockatiel (weiro), Corella (short and Long Bill), Pink & Grey, Apricot &  Major Mitchell.

Sun & Janday

Diamond (including Silver), Peaceful, Bar Shoulder, Crested, and Barbary

Finches – Australian
Black Heart, Crimson, Chestnut, Diamond Firetail, Double Bar (Black & White Rump), Gouldian’s (including mutations), Hecks, Painted (Red & Yellow), Parsons, Pictorella, Plumhead, Masked, Star (Red & Yellow), Sydney Waxbill, Yellow Rump, Zebra (Normal & Coloured)

Finches – Foreign
African Fire (including Pink & Pied), Bengalese, Cordon Blue, Cutthroat, Cuban, Goldfinch, Green Singer, Jacarini, Java (including Coloured), Melba, Nuns (Tri, Black & White Head), Orange Breast, Parrot Finch (Blue Face, Red Face, Sea Green), St Helena & Siskin.

Grass Parrot
Golden Shoulder & Hooded.

Musk, Rainbow (incuding mutations), Red Collar, Scaley Breast.

Peachface, Mask, Fischer, Black Cheek

Bourke, Blue wings, Elegant, Scarlet Chested Parrot & Turquoise Parrot.

Blue Bonnet (Red Vent, Yellow Vent), Naretha Blue Bonnet,  Mulga & Red Rump.

Parrot – Australian
Superb (Barraband), Cloncurry, Crimson Wing, Eastern King, Eclectus, Port Lincoln, Princess Parrot, Regent (Smoker),  Red Cap & Twenty Eight.

Parrot – Exotic
Alexandrine, Indian Ringneck (including mutations) & Kakariki.

Bronze Wing, Crested,  and most domestic fancy breeds.

Adelaide, Crimson, Eastern, Golden Mantle, Northern, Pale-headed, Western & Yellow.

King, Japanese, Stubble, Brown Quail (Swamp) & Little Button Quail.

We also hand rear birds. Please CLICK HERE to go to our Hand Reared Bird Page